POU Water Coolers

Point of Use (POU) Water Coolers

The cooler industry can be a little confusing when it comes to water coolers connected to your water main. Known as pou coolers, point of use water coolers, mains water coolers and plumbed in water coolers, all these descriptions are for the same thing which is a water cooler without a bottle that connects to your water main. There can be many benefits from using a pou cooler instead of bottle water coolers. The most obvious and important to a great deal of customers is the cost, if you are using more than one bottle of water a week on your cooler then this is probably the most cost effective option for you. For less than £5 per week we can install (subject to survey) service, sanitise and replace the one micron carbon filter on a pre agreed schedule. The only other ongoing cost is cups or cones to drink your delicious chilled water from. So if you have difficulty storing water bottles or simply find them too heavy to lift then give us a call, we are water industry approved installers and member of the AVA ensuring that we adhere to strict industry guidelines, ensuring piece of mind for all our customers new and old.

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Direct chill technology Constant supply of chilled filtered water
Carbon filtration Cost effective & Hassle free

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