Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending is possible!

The health agenda is something that we are all becoming more aware of, and the popularity of healthier alternatives is growing daily.

Following the implementation of legislation covering products provided in our schools, we have sourced and trialled a range of tasty flavoured milks, thirst quenching waters, delicious fruit juices, fruit packed smoothies, and refreshing yoghurt drinks which are as popular as they are healthy. These products not only meet government health requirements in schools, but can also offer adult customers an appetising way of consuming one of their 5 a day.

It is also possible to make a significant contribution towards a healthy diet by making small changes to the ingredients used in hot beverage machines. We can supply you with skimmed and hvo-free creamers, low fat chocolates, and soups which taste every bit as good as their less healthy variants. Even our snacks range can include some healthier alternatives, with baked crisps, and wholegrain bars, sitting alongside the more traditional crisp and chocolate products. Whether it’s indulgence or nutrition you crave you always have the choice with Alpine. Our experience working with schools, colleges and recreation centres is that healthy vending:

  • encourages healthier eating habits among students
  • offers convenience for busy pupils and staff
  • extends choices through the day and after-school
  • increases the variety of refreshments available
  • helps to keep students on-campus
  • may form an additional income stream